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"I have had the great fortune of working with Mr. de La Lombana in our production of Calderon's "Life is a Dream" where he performed the lead role of Segismundo. As a director, I recognized La Lombana's talent not only as an actor but as a complete man-of-the-theatre. There are few industry professionals who share, as he does, talent, dedication and an enthusiasm for our art form. I absolutely believe that the presence of Luis Carlos de La Lombana in the country is an asset not only to our company, but to the advantage of the whole American theater community".
(René Buch - Artistic Director of Repertorio Español Theatre in New York).

"I have had the opportunity to work and learn more about Luis Carlos in Julio Medem's film "Minotauro". From the beginning we all admired his acting talent, but also his versatility behind the camera. He sings, dances, imitates, creates humor... He is one of those actors, rare to find today, who does many things and all of them well, and always with a smile and the best energy. I would always want him on my team!"
(Enrique Arce – Actor - “Arturo” on “Money Heist”).

"Luis Carlos de La Lombana is a great actor, who devotes himself in body and soul to bring his character to life. Lombana (as I call him) gets excited and lives the project like a child, and prepares the role becoming both aware of the character's needs and unaware of his own limits and obstacles. A blessing."
(Carolina del Prado - Film Director - “Las Tierras Altas”).

"I worked with Luis Carlos at the National Classical Theater Company of Spain. (C.N.T.C.) where he showed himself to be an investigative actor of Spanish Baroque verse, always attentive in the process of developing the staging with the director and his work colleagues. Stanislavski's quote defines Luis Carlos very well: ¨Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art¨"
(Vincent Fuentes - Director of "Fuentes de la Voz, Palabra y Verso" training center and Verse Advisor of the National Classical Theater Company of Spain).

"I have had the opportunity to work with Luis Carlos de La Lombana under my direction at the Spanish Repertoire in New York City and I remember with special appreciation his participation in the works "Blind Date" by Mario Diament and "No One Writes The Colonel“ -adaptation of the novel by Gabriel García Marquez. Luis Carlos is a talented actor, master of his trade and passionate about his profession and also about life"
(Jorge Alí Triana - Theater, Film and TV Director).

"I had the wonderful pleasure of directing Luis Carlos on several occasions and I was impressed with his ability to rise to the challenge of performing, combining his talents for acting and singing in order to impress the most discerning of critics. His performances were critical to the success of each of distinguished productions".
(Juan Pastor – Artistic Director of Teatro La Guindalera – Madrid – Spain).

"Luis Carlos de La Lombana worked with me as an actor in the film "La Hora de los Valientes", and I was completely satisfied with his work, showing a great sensitivity for the cinema, as well as in other cultural facets such as music, theater and television".
(Antonio Mercero - Film Director - “La hora de los Valientes”).

"Working with Luis Carlos de La Lombana has been a real pleasure. His behavior on and off set is very professional and his dedication and preparation of the character was impeccable. A great professional with a lot of talent".
(Bella Gonzalez - Film producer of Julio Médem´s "MINOTAURO. Picasso y las mujeres del Guernica").

"I have worked professionally with Luis Carlos in his capacities as a producer and an actor. He is always fully committed to the task he undertakes, and is passionate, caring and kind to those around him. Luis Carlos is talented and charming, and I believe him to be capable of rising to all challenges and achieving his goals as an artist, businessman and decent, decent man".
(Sam Rudy – Theatrical press representative – NY).

Luis Carlos de La Lombana has a strong sense of teamwork, without abdicating his personal responsibility and taking into account the scope and limits of his role in the story being performed. He has a solid training as an actor and a remarkable degree of intellectual curiosity.
(Juan Carlos Pérez de la Fuente - Theatrical Director – Pérez de la Fuente Producciones).


"I’ve worked with Luis Carlos since 2017. Every time we wrap a recording session I realize how lucky we are to have a professional actor giving life to our spots. He prepares in advance like he’s tackling a character in a play. He reaches out to me to discuss possible options of what he could do with the script, not only to make sure I’m happy with it, but also to let me know where he could offer to make it better. He is fun, super creative, and nails it every sinlge time. So often, after we let him go to finish up the mix, engineer, producer, and myself comment on how good he is. And if that was not enough, he has multiple musical talents that are just too big for most tasks at hand. I always hope someone else with a bigger creative project can benefit from his acting talent."
(Maribel Orozco - VP / Director of Hispanic Marketing – HL Partners).

"Luis Carlos de La Lombana has been working for Spectrum News since 2014, being the voice of our ads for both Spectrum News NY1, as well as the Spectrum News App in Spanish. At all times he has shown amazing diligence, versatility and professionalism. In addition, his voice provides the personality, magnetism and imprint necessary for Spectrum News NY1, whose ads are broadcast on different thematic and general channels in the United States, to be recognizable to our viewers. It has been, is and will be a pleasure to continue collaborating with Luis Carlos."
(Andrea Marroquín - Senior Manager - Creative - NY1 TV).

"Luis Carlos de La Lombana is a pleasure to work with. The professionalism and creativity he brings to each project is great."
(Sophia Pellicoro - Senior Producer – HL Partners).

"His versatility as a performer, along with his instincts and experience as an actor/writer/producer in theatre have proven invaluable in our collaborations. He has a unique talent of consistently finding new ways to approach and interpret our scripts, infusing them with an unquantifiable energy and augmenting the work. I truly look forward to every opportunity to work with Luis Carlos de La Lombana again for hopefully years to come."
(Mick Magno - Post Producer – HL Partners).

"Luis Carlos is a multi-faceted talent! I've had the pleasure as a producer and director of working with him on a variety of projects from English language learning, to Spanish language commercials, and even some animated character voices. In addition to having a great voice, he also has the unique ability to bring the words on a page to life and give his characters real depth. He understands how to work well with directors and clients, and always helps in creating a fun environment in which to collaborate -- and that's what takes a project to the next level. If you haven't worked with Luis Carlos before, then you're missing out!"
(Steven Tolle - CityVox studio NY- Director and Producer).

"Producing an Audiobook with Luis Carlos is a pleasant experience. His clear interpretation of the texts and excellent diction allow the listener to enjoy a vivid and colorful narrative in his interpretation. Luis has the ability to bring the texts he narrates to life, something difficult to find in an Audiobook narrator".
(Manuel Herrera – Executive Producer – World Voices).

"Luis is a masterful VO artist. He provides a strong passion and commitment to the craft and should be at the top of anyone's list of talent."
(Ed Zack - Sound Engineer – Digital Arts NY Studio).

"Mr. de La Lombana is a delight to work with. Luis Carlos, a sought-after VO talent, frequently records VO at our facility. Over many years and multiple clients, he's become a staff favorite. He is a consummate professional: always prompt and prepared and we always look forward to working with him."
(Laura Ruotolo - Digital Arts NY Studio).

"As an audio engineer I have worked with Luis Carlos de La Lombana Barros on many voice over sessions. Each time I am impressed with his versatility as a voice actor and commitment to giving 100% to every job that comes his way."
(Phil Lantz - Sound Engineer – M Squared Productions).


Luis Carlos de La Lombana



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